By Georgie Morgan on 20th Jul 2017

Efficient Survey and Questionnaire Design

Surveys and questionnaires have long been key components of marketing campaigns. Carrying out a survey can offer incredible insights and long term benefits. From gauging satisfaction to desires and wants, questionnaires have helped companies of all sizes to adapt and thrive. Having the right data to work with doesn’t just happen, though. In fact, there… Read More

By Georgie Morgan on 11th Jul 2017

Automatically Capture Data From Student Exam Results

As the exam season is now drawing to a close, with GCSE’s, A Levels and end of year exams completed, the Education sector is inundated with documents such as forms, exams and feedback surveys. Manually extracting the data from student exam results can be extremely time consuming for examining bodies who urgently need to mark… Read More

By Georgie Morgan on 5th Jul 2017

Have Your Important Data Entered into Your Preferred Online System

How much of your marketing campaign budget is wasted due to incorrect and obsolete data? Consider online data entry services to keep your CRM or marketing database up to date. Keeping customer databases up to date is vital for all businesses, particularly for sales and marketing departments. The problem is CRM data can quickly become… Read More

By Georgie Morgan on 25th Apr 2017

How Growing Businesses Can Use Outsourcing Services to Grow Faster

The ultimate aim of small businesses is to grow and reach the top of its respective field. If you’re a Manager or Director of a business, you’ll know that in the majority of cases, this cannot be achieved without running a tight ship. Common challenges faced by small businesses include limited resources and staff getting… Read More

By Georgie Morgan on 7th Mar 2017

Improve your paper based loyalty cards and membership forms in the retail industry

Processing paper based loyalty card registrations can be time consuming, causing delays in responding to your new loyalty card members and any reactive marketing activity. Although everything concerned with data is slowly emerging to become digitised, paper based membership forms and loyalty cards are still being utilised within the industry. For those retailers who prefer… Read More

By Georgie Morgan on 8th Feb 2017

Keep on top of your company with bespoke reporting

Cleardata provides customised reporting services to numerous organisations all over the United Kingdom. The company’s specialised team will discuss your business’s particular requirements with you and will produce bespoke reports from your data. This report will enable you to analyse your captured information, usually in the form of spreadsheets, quickly and easily. Cleardata is able to… Read More

By Georgie Morgan on 27th Jan 2017

Start 2017 off by outsourcing your data entry and capture needs

It’s the first month back from the Christmas holidays and your company has much more important things to do than to manually type up endless stats, facts and figures. There’s always a massive list to sort when you get back, too. Everything from applications, financial documents and examination papers to marketing questionnaires and surveys need attending… Read More

By Nikita Williams on 13th Oct 2016

Customer Data Capture – Get It Right This Christmas

The run up to Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for the hospitality industry. Top priority for all this festive season will be to ensure customers get the best service. But how will this be monitored? Getting customer data capture right first time can be a challenging task. Getting it wrong this… Read More

By Nikita Williams on 28th Sep 2016

Quick travel survey processing using data entry services

As the cold winter months creep in, many will jetting off in the search for some winter sun. During this time of year travel agents may see an increase in workloads, including travel survey and hotel feedback form processing. Travel companies can speed up the processing of their travel surveys during peak seasons, utilising outsourced… Read More

By Nikita Williams on 11th Aug 2016

Reduce manual paper processing using data capture solutions

With the national minimum wage increase, businesses are continuously searching for ways to reduce overheads. Whether you’re a start up business or well established, the hidden costs and time associated with paperwork processing can often go unnoticed. Data capture solutions can significantly cut costs and speed up processing times. OCR scanning technology and intelligent data capture software,… Read More

By Nikita Williams on 28th Jul 2016

Avoid paperwork backlogs with outsourced data entry

Manual data entry can take up large amounts of staff time, resulting in paperwork backlogs and operational delays. Outsourced data entry services, enables information to be processed quickly and efficiently. Common types of paperwork at risk of backlog include:- Outsourced data entry providers are fully equipped to handle high volumes of paperwork and can help… Read More

By Andy Morley on 22nd Jul 2016

What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

Optical character recognition (OCR) is essentially the conversion of non-electronic documents to machine-readable and encoded text. This can be achieved across many forms of wording and content including handwritten and typed letters and forms, photographs and even television. Original documents are scanned and digitised, or images of text processed, and intelligent data capture extracts the… Read More