Data Capture Solutions

Cleardata offers data capture services, from its UK based offices. We can automatically extract data from any type of paperwork e.g. forms, letters, surveys or claims. Our highly specialised team can scan your documents for you and then use Kofax software to automatically extract the data. Kofax is an intelligent data capture software that can recognise and learn document information  e.g. logos, reference numbers, supplier name and amounts. It also processes data capturing at a higher speed than any other software, whilst providing certain rules for indexing and accuracy.

Once captured, data can also be validated or checked against existing databases to ensure high levels of accuracy have been achieved. However, the success of automated data capture is dependent on the initial form design. We are able to help design forms or surveys with automated capture in mind, targeting your specific customers. If recording data in the field is starting to become an issue due to losing paperwork, appearing unorganised or it feels outdated for instance, Cleardata can also provide a paperless form solution. This can be carried out on any mobile device and transferred directly to your CRM database.

Our data capture solutions are provided from our secure facility, accredited to ISO27001 for Information Security.  Cleardata is a Data Protection Act Registered business. We are also self-certified for PCI compliance, which enables us to securely handle financial data. All data capture is performed in our UK offices. We do not scan, OCR, archive, shred or have your data keyed off-site or outsourced an any point. Therefore, it is 100% guaranteed that your confidential documents will be constantly kept in our secure facility.

Data Capture Services

Online Data Capture

Our team can enter data directly into your systems or upload via a secure FTP site. We can work to your time-scales and in line with key performance indicators for speed and quality. All digital images are checked at two separate stations, offering a 200% quality checking system.

Once captured, you can request your data to be outputted in any required format to suit your existing back office systems and on a frequency to meet your needs.

Data Conversion

Cleardata’s team of IT experts can help you with data conversion. We can create scripts and programmes to de-duplicate your data or to present your information in a variety of different ways. The most popular data conversions are jpeg, pdf, tiff, csv etc. but we’re able to convert your data to any specialised format that you require.

Data Management

As well as capturing and converting your data, we also offer data management solutions. If your company receives a large amount of surveys or general customer information forms, it may be beneficial in uploading your data to Cleardata’s secure document management system. We would scan your data, capture it and upload it to our secure system where you would be able to access it from anywhere that has an internet connection, with a personal login.

For further details about Cleardata’s data capture services call our friendly team on 0800 046 8081 or try our contact form.