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By Jan Cahill on 28th Jan 2016

Speed up customer satisfaction form processing, utilising automated data capture services

Businesses processing large volumes of customer feedback, soon realise manual data entry can occupy huge amounts of staff time. Errors such as typos or misinterpreted data, can result in incomplete, or inaccurate customer satisfaction feedback, which can be misleading for future marketing campaigns. Automated data capture services can dramatically reduce processing times, increase data accuracy… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 21st Jan 2016

Automate Capture For Incoming Mail & Reduce Processing Costs

If your business receives high volumes of incoming mail, both electronic and paper, consider automating your data capture and work flow processes to save valuable time and money.  Many companies automate their capture processes for structured forms or documents, however, only a small percentage are aware that this process can be replicated for unstructured documents…. Read More

By Jan Cahill on 18th Jan 2016

Looking to reduce your marketing overheads?

Start the New Year by reviewing your market research data capture techniques. Do your staff spend hours out of their day manually entering customer information from your customer surveys, loyalty cards, competitions or feedback forms? If the answer is yes, consider outsourcing your market research processing. Outsourcing your data entry requirements can save your business… Read More