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By Jan Cahill on 26th Jul 2017

Transform your Retail Paper Processes with Automated Data Processing

Automated data processing can save the retail industry a significant amount of time and money. Using clever data capture solutions information from Sales Order Forms, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Client Disclaimer Forms or even Loyalty Cards can be captured quickly and efficiently with virtually no manual processing. If completed manually, this paperwork increases the need for data… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 20th Jul 2017

Efficient Survey and Questionnaire Design

Surveys and questionnaires have long been key components of marketing campaigns. Carrying out a survey can offer incredible insights and long term benefits. From gauging satisfaction to desires and wants, questionnaires have helped companies of all sizes to adapt and thrive. Having the right data to work with doesn’t just happen, though. In fact, there are… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 11th Jul 2017

Automatically Capture Data From Student Exam Results

As the exam season is now drawing to a close, with GCSE’s, A Levels and end of year exams completed, the Education sector is inundated with documents such as forms, exams and feedback surveys. Manually extracting the data from student exam results can be extremely time consuming for examining bodies who urgently need to mark hundreds… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 5th Jul 2017

Have Your Important Data Entered into Your Preferred Online System

How much of your marketing campaign budget is wasted due to incorrect and obsolete data? Consider online data entry services to keep your CRM or marketing database up to date. Keeping customer databases up to date is vital for all businesses, particularly for sales and marketing departments. The problem is CRM data can quickly become… Read More