5 Reasons why Veterinary Centres Should Outsource their Data Entry Needs

Carrying out large data capture and data entry projects in-house can be a long and gruelling process for members of staff, especially when Vet Form Processing there’s more important tasks to be getting on with. Outsourcing your data capture needs can significantly improve the performance of your veterinary practice.

Cleardata provides data entry and capture services to veterinary centres all over the UK, with the ability of capturing information from typed, scanned and hand written documents. Once extracted, the data can be inserted into any required format or system, releasing businesses of their data entry burden.

Here’s 5 reasons why practices should outsource their data capture requirements:

1 – Saves a significant amount of time and money

Manually typing out data from hundreds of documents can be very time consuming, even more so if it’s an ongoing activity. Using Cleardata’s data entry services can save your company time that veterinary assistants could use to focus on more important and productive tasks such as setting up procedures, attending to customers and looking after the wellbeing of animals.

Outsourcing your documents would also reduce costs that are currently being spent on employees carrying out data entry tasks, who could be concentrating on promotional activities to benefit your veterinary surgery. There would also be no need in hiring additional staff to purely concentrate on physically entering data and to check it.

2 – Increases information accuracy

Allowing Cleardata to complete your data entry projects increases the accuracy of the information, with our data entry specialists reaching accuracy levels of 99.95%. The company’s automated data capture service using special software also improves data accuracy. The system checks and validates the information against your current database and it eliminates human error.

3 – Speeds up processing times

Instead of staff members designating hours to carry out the task, Cleardata’s team are able to enter the data from thousands of documents every day, enabling projects to be completed quickly and accurately. This means your customers can receive their pet’s medical information sooner, improving your relationship and increasing customer trust and loyalty.

4 – The ability to create forms

Cleardata can create your forms specifically for data to be automatically captured, allowing the data to be extracted easier in the future. A variety of documents can be designed in this way, such as inserted microchip information, customer service surveys, animal registry detail forms etc.

5 – The design of a bespoke app

A bespoke app is a complete paperless solution that can be specifically designed for your company. All data can be digitally captured and stored on your mobile device that can be retrieved and accessed easily. As well as data capture, a mobile app can improve streamline processes and staff management for your veterinary business.

Cleardata designed a bespoke app for Easipetcare to manage customer information and appointments. The Financial Controller from Easipetcare commented, “Cleardata helped us to transform our existing processes and provided an efficient paperless solution, that saves valuable time and money for our company. We can now manage our data capture better as well as the communication with our clients and their pets.”

To find out more about Cleardata’s services for your data entry projects, contact our team on 0800 046 8083 who will be more than happy to help.