Quality & Accuracy – Our Assurances to You

Quality AssuranceCleardata offers quality assurance for all data entry projects.  Our accuracy can reach up to 99.95%,  however, accuracy levels are dependent on a number of factors including:

Single entry vs Double entry

Cleardata can provide single or double data entry. Double entry provides the highest accuracy levels.  This service includes the data being manually entered twice.  Once inputted, our unique entry software performs a comparison of the data and flags up any discrepancies.

The software will prevent the operator carrying on, if any of their entries vary from the first operator. This will allow correction of either the first or second operators work, giving almost perfect results, with accuracy levels second to none.

Handwriting vs text

Accuracy levels will be higher on data entry work from text. Cleardata can often use sophisticated software to act as an extra quality check on printed text, but this is more of an issue with handwriting, where accuracy levels will be affected by the quality of the writing itself.

Paper & print quality

The original size of the text, print quality and paper quality can all affect scanning, software and data entry results.

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