Accurate Data Verification

Cleardata provides accurate data verification services to companies throughout the UK. Our team of data experts can verify data, using a range of solutions, increasing data accuracy and providing a greater return on investment.

Inaccurate data can negatively impact business operations. Companies who regularly rely on staff to manually enter information, such as invoice data, customer payment details and market research information, may experience loss of revenue due to incorrect information or unverified data.

Cleardata can verify payment information, invoice details and other company data to ensure information is processed correctly. We have a secure PCI compliant room in our premises, setup to handle financial information safely. Access to this area is restricted to only approved members of staff, with relevant permission. All Cleardata employees are security cleared by Disclosure Scotland.

Accurate Data Verification

  • Utilising Intelligent Data Capture Software, data is automatically extracted from documents, reducing the risk of errors and inaccurate data.
  • Overtime the software is trained to look for certain information for example, reference number, supplier name or amount.
  • Once captured, data is verified against existing systems. Our IT experts can check information for inconsistencies, using your existing database information.
  • Royal mail postcode address file (PAF) can be utilised to ensure that address and postcode information is correct. Enabling companies to cleanse their data.
  • Rules and exceptions are devised at the outset. An example of an exception may be that the company name is spelt slightly different, which can be passed through the system, when certain criterias are met.
  • Rules are set up, allowing incorrect information to be sent to members of staff within your organisation, for review.

Benefits of Accurate Data Verification

  • Reduce human error
  • Keep data up to date
  • Save staff time
  • Greater ROI

For further information about Cleardata’s Accurate Data Verification Services, contact our team on 0800 046 8083.