Avoid paperwork backlogs with outsourced data entry

Outsourced Data Entry Services

Manual data entry can take up large amounts of staff time, resulting in paperwork backlogs and operational delays. Outsourced data entry services, enables information to be processed quickly and efficiently.

Common types of paperwork at risk of backlog include:-

  • Market research questionnaires
  • Applications
  • Claims forms
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Financial documents
  • Legal documents
  • Examination papers 

Outsourced data entry providers are fully equipped to handle high volumes of paperwork and can help businesses cope with seasonal demands. They have a range of different data capture techniques, which can be applied to various types of documentation, including:-

Automated Data Captureautomated data capture software, allows data to be automatically extracted from paperwork, significantly speeding up processing times.

Double Blind Data Entry – double blind data entry increases the accuracy of your data. It enables two operators to enter data into the system, flagging up discrepancies.

Barcodes – barcode labels can be applied to paperwork, containing pre populated information such as names and addresses. This solution reduces the amount of manual data entry on return.

Paperless Formspaperless forms can eliminate backlogs associated with paperwork. By sending data directly into existing office systems with limited human intervention.

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