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By Jan Cahill on 4th Mar 2020

Double Key Data Entry

Many businesses simply don’t have the time for large volumes of data capture. Those that do run the risk of rushed work and human error, which can be a critical flaw to any dataset. To ensure the process is carried out efficiently and without any mistakes, many companies are now outsourcing to data entry services…. Read More

By Jan Cahill on 16th Jan 2020

What Is Data Capture

Data capture is the process of extracting key information from documents and converting it into a workable format. While this can be done manually via data entry, the term ‘data capture’ usually refers to intelligent data capture, which is carried out by sophisticated software following the scanning or digitisation process. Intelligent data capture is incredibly… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 28th Aug 2019

What Are The Advantages of Electronic Data Capture?

With the extraordinary amount of data in the world, making business information secure, accessible, and easy to navigate is a necessity. This is achievable through the digitisation of documents using data capture. Electronic Data Capture (EDC) can automatically collect information from scanned images, or documents and convert them into digitally readable files. Cleardata uses Optical… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 6th Aug 2019

Data Capture For Retail

Data is a key asset in the retail industry, whether that be information for mailing lists and loyalty schemes, customer surveys or voucher and coupon information. It allows you to understand and reach your customers better and can be a valuable tool in engaging your customers and encouraging them to buy.  In such a fast-moving industry,… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 15th Mar 2019

Common Business Issues with Manual Data Entry

Cleardata provides a whole range of outsourced data entry services to help businesses avoid mistakes and run more efficiently. This blog post discusses the central issues with manual data entry and how Cleardata can help with our outsourced data entry services. For any businesses who may be thinking about outsourcing your current data entry tasks,… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 2nd Jul 2018

Exhibitions and Events Data Capture

If your marketing team are out and about generating new business through product launches, events or exhibitions then it’s probably a busy time of year for adding new prospects onto your CRM system. Business cards, competition forms or prospective client onboarding forms are key for your sales team to follow up, in order to win… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 20th Dec 2017

Effectively Process Coupons During the Busy Christmas Period

The Christmas period can be a very busy time for businesses, with staff Christmas parties to organise, corporate gifts to send out and ensuring all paperwork is completed on time. It’s particularly manic for the retail industry, with the busiest shopping period of the year and high volumes of coupon processing. With the festive period… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 22nd Nov 2017

Capture Data from Customer Satisfaction Surveys in the Hospitality Sector

Although many businesses use digital technology to capture survey information, some companies still utilise paper surveys due to the nature of their customer base or business requirements. A customer satisfaction survey is a powerful tool for companies to collect valuable information from customers, including restaurants. Once customers have provided a respected insight into their views… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 24th Oct 2017

Process Insurance Claims Quickly with Automated Data Capture

Storm Brian and hurricane Ophelia are currently causing disruption and damage to residential properties and commercial buildings around Britain. With company logos being blown off buildings, flooding of homes and car incidents due to the stormy weather, insurance claims processing will be soaring. Not only will insurance organisations be inundated with a variety of claims,… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 10th Oct 2017

Speed up Processing Travel Agent Forms with Data Capture Services

Now summer is officially over, additional travel agent forms and surveys may need processing due to increased workloads for staff as individuals are jetting off for some last minute sun or booking skiing holidays. Travel companies require a wide variety of documents to be processed such as travel surveys and hotel reviews, with data to… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 25th Sep 2017

At What Point Should You Invest in a Document Capture Solution?

Companies continuously search for ways to develop and improve their processes in order to be more efficient and ultimately, more profitable. Document capture can effectively enhance value to your business by creating quicker processes, saving your business time and money. Capturing the data from documents or entering information from one format to another, are time… Read More

By Jan Cahill on 15th Sep 2017

Outsourced Job Application Forms Processing for Recruitment Agencies

Processing job applications can be time consuming, especially if you’re a recruitment agency with high volumes of incoming CV’s and job application forms, digitally or paper based. One of the main issues recruitment agencies face is not only finding the right candidates and candidate competition, but sifting through hundreds of CV’s and application forms. Sorting… Read More