Branded Restaurants

Customer Feedback Data Capture

Project Background

Branded Restaurants take care of the marketing and PR activity for multiple restaurants in the South of Wales. They receive between 200 and 400 customer feedback forms per week, in need of processing.

The company approached Cleardata searching for a data capture solution that would enable them to:-

  • Digitise feedback forms
  • Speed up processing times
  • Increase data accuracy
  • Reduce processing costs
  • Free up staff time

Access to customer information gathered from each restaurant is key for Branded Restaurants, it enables the Marketing Department to make strategic decisions in relation to customer service, employee performance and future marketing activities.

Cleardata recommended a data capture solution that would alleviate the administrative burden of manual data entry and enable staff to report on customer information quickly.

A weekly data capture project was proposed to process all customer feedback forms collected from their restaurants. As part of the project, Cleardata developed a bespoke data sheet that enables multiple types of data to be viewed in one location.

The Solution

  • Completed feedback forms diverted straight to Cleardata scanning bureau every week. Paperwork is opened, sorted and scanned using high production OCR scanners.
  • Once in digital format, forms are quality checked and indexed according to simple survey reference numbers e.g. form001, form002.
  • Data is entered into the bespoke spreadsheet setup specifically for Branded Restaurants. Where free-form commentary is present on the forms, text is flagged on the data sheet so that the original scanned image can be linked and read for further investigation.
  • Extracted data and scanned images uploaded to Secure FTP for staff to access.
  • Original copies retained for 4 weeks before permission is given to securely shred paperwork.

Client Feedback

“Cleardata were very helpful from the enquiry to the set up. They took the time to fully understand our data collection method and built a solution that works. They also came up with ideas that we did not think of which was an extra bonus.”

Marketing Manager, Branded Restaurants