House of Vans

House of Vans London - Data Capture | Cleardata

Project Background

House of Vans is an iconic and free community space that encourages creative expression through art, music, skateboarding, BMX, street culture and fashion.

For the opening of the new House of Vans skate park in London, new visitors are required to complete a disclaimer form. Due to the popularity of the park, over 5000 forms required data capturing and filing.

The company contacted Cleardata for a scanning and data capture solution that would enable their documents to be digitised, as well as speeding up processing times, improving the accuracy of the data and saving employees time on manually scanning and typing up the information into a database.

The Solution

House of Vans sent their completed participation disclaimer forms to Cleardata’s scanning bureau on a monthly basis, with the company receiving around 600 documents a month within the last year.

All forms are scanned using the company’s high production Kodak i5850S scanners and are checked at two separate quality checking stations, ensuring all images are of high quality.  

The data from the skate park visitor forms were manually captured using double blind entry, as they were handwritten documents and not typed. This data capture method uses two individual operators to check and manually enter the data, with the use of validation software to increase accuracy. This allows any errors to be flagged up and instantly amended, ensuring all information is correct.

Once the data was captured, it was entered into a bespoke spreadsheet that is returned to House of Vans and uploaded onto an online portal. This allows the department to easily access and search for individuals who have signed a disclaimer form on a live and updated database.

The original paper based documents were then archived for three months, before permission is given in having them securely shredded.

Client Feedback

“We’d like to thank Cleardata for assisting us in the management of our disclaimer process. The system has worked very well for us and we are very pleased with the result.”

Project Director, House of Vans London.