Common Business Issues with Manual Data Entry

Cleardata provides a whole range of outsourced data entry services to help businesses avoid mistakes and run Online Data Entrymore efficiently. This blog post discusses the central issues with manual data entry and how Cleardata can help with our outsourced data entry services.

For any businesses who may be thinking about outsourcing your current data entry tasks, there are not just the benefits to consider, but also the detrimental effects that current data entry processes may be having on your business.

Top 3 Manual Data Entry Problems

The 3 biggest and most common problems which Cleardata can help you to avoid when it comes to manual data entry are:-

1.Human Error

It is clear that entering data manually is intrinsically prone to mistakes. But this was highlighted best in a 2009 experiment which set out to discover just how big an impact human error had on data handling. 215 students took part in the study, each of whom were presented with 30 datasheets which they were asked to input into a computer database. After entering all the data, the study calculated the average number of errors made by the students, which was a staggering 10.21- a substantial amount that would undoubtedly impact any business.


Another undisputable issue with manual data entry is the time it takes. Handwritten data, such as on forms, invoices or reports, usually need to be entered into a digital system manually. To avoid easy-to-make mistakes, staff must be thorough in their data entry, but all of this leads to large amounts of time being afforded to what is a menial task.

3. Expense

Paying staff to complete manual data entry can be costly. It takes away employees’ time from more meaningful tasks – not to mention the cost of having to reformat any data that has been inputted with mistakes. A widely followed rule which demonstrates the scales of this cost is the 1-10-100. Simply put it suggests that it costs £1 to check a record, £10 to correct any mistakes and £100 to fix problems raised by the first two steps being ignored.

Cleardata for Data Entry Solutions

As you can see, manual data entry is a menial task that is prone to error. Whilst the monotony of the job can lead to employee dissatisfaction, human error can cost your company massive amounts of money. Inputting data from handwritten documents is particularly problematic and its time-consuming nature often detracts employees’ attention from more important tasks.

The outsourced data entry processes that Cleardata provide can improve the quality and speed of your data capture.  Our team can perform single or double data entry services. Double data entry involves two separate operators completing the work, which is then compared to identify any errors or quality issues.  Our bureau can complete high volumes of data entry projects to suit your business needs. This can be scaled up or down as required, allowing us to cope with seasonal peaks or troughs in demand.

Cleardata also offers bulk document scanning services with automated data capture, allowing us to digitise and automatically capture large volumes of surveys or forms.  

Our professional team are experts in data entry and are well-versed in the fast, efficient, accurate manual input of data. Outsourcing the work to them can save your business valuable time and money.

If you would like to find out more about how outsourced data entry services could benefit your business, get in touch or simply call Cleardata today on 0800 046 8083.