Automatic Data Capture

Automated Data Capture and Identification

Cleardata offers Automatic Data Capture Services for businesses throughout the UK. Data can be automatically captured in any required digital format. The company is UK based and accredited to ISO27001 for Information Security.

Cleardata can scan your documents and capture data using intelligent capture software. The success of automatic data capture is dependent on the structure of your data. Handwritten forms can be challenging to capture if the forms are setup in an unstructured manner, e.g. free text fields.  Structured forms, designed with automatic capture in mind e.g. similar to passport office forms with individual boxes for characters, clear tick boxes and instructions, can provide higher capture rates. Our team can provide consultancy services to review existing paperwork and suggestions/recommendations to improve form structure.

Cleardata provides a complete automated data capture solution including:-automatic data capture

  • Data entry services
  • Document scanning with intelligent data capture
  • Electronic and printed form design services for maximum digital capture
  • Handwritten data capture
  • Tick box forms capture
  • Hosted online data management
  • IT support to help present data in any required format
  • Secure archive storage
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Stage 1 – Recognition

The form is scanned into the capture system and recognised by the capture software. Each field or tick box is located and the written text extracted. The system will make an intelligent decision as to what it believes the extract text is.

Stage 2 – Verification

After recognition the system will review each field captured and if unsure of its accuracy; will display the field to a user. With a single keystroke the user simply confirms or corrects the field.

Stage 3 – Completion & Validation

Completion is where the data has been captured and verified; but still may be incorrect. The capture system can validate the data that has been submitted against set rules, prior to its export to the host application. Data can be exported to a host in whatever file format is required.

Validation was required for the following examples:- 

Form Design and Print - Cleardata

A claim form from a client that should be received within 28 days, dated over 3 months old. Although the system captured the date correctly; rules behind the scenes highlighted that the document was incorrect in terms of the data supplied.

Form Design and Print - Cleardata

A pathology request form stating that the patient is male (via a tick box); yet in the tests requested; the GP has selected “pregnancy test”. This is obviously not correct. Rather than the data being passed to the host system and the error being noticed at that point; these faults are spotted through validation and can be easily rectified.

Form Design and Print - Cleardata

A Time sheet submitted for work states that the employee “A” worked for 60 hours at business “X”. The capture system can reference the host job system and see if Employee “A” was allocated to that task. Often “genuine” errors can result in invoices being raised incorrectly.

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Data Capture - Cleardata

The benefits of implementing automatic data capture includes:

1 – Saving time

Investing in an automatic data capture service speeds up the entire process of collecting and reporting data. This is due to the software saving employees the need to manually enter and report the collated information.

Instead, Cleardata’s data capturing services are able to quickly automatically detect and capture relevant information. This software processes data capturing at a higher speed than any other, allowing the customer to focus time on other important aspects of the business.

2 – Saving money

As well as saving time, automatic data capture can save companies money on employing staff to enter the data into their databases. Implementing data capture software would also save clients’ money on additional employees to check and validate the entered data. Instead, the staff could be designated with profiting activities to make money for the company.

3 – Increasing data accuracy

Cleardata’s automatic data capture services also significantly increases data accuracy. The software not only automatically recognises and extracts specific information such as address, logo, date, PO etc. but it does so without human intervention and therefore reduces human error.

The captured data will also be checked and validated against your existing database to ensure all data is accurate. The system also notices errors and can automatically correct information where allowable and returns incorrect or incomplete information to the customer to approve.

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