Survey Processing

Survey Processing

Cleardata’s UK facility, processes high volumes of surveys and forms.  Our survey processing services are operated from a secure facility, externally assured for Quality Management and Information Security.

We can help you distribute paper surveys through our mail fulfillment service or deal with incoming surveys or paperwork.

Surveys often require in-depth analysis and data collection, which can take up a lot of staff time that could be used for other tasks. By outsourcing these processes, your business will get more done.

How Can We Help?

  • Outsourced mail room to handle incoming surveys or any other document type. Our team can open and sort your surveys to your requirements
  • High production scanning bureau to digitise paperwork
  • Manual data entry of surveys
  • Automated data capture from digital images
  • Bespoke reporting services
  • Cloud document management – we can upload your survey processing data to the cloud, providing fast access to your  information

For further details about Cleardata’s survey processing services call our team on 0800 046 8083 or contact us.

  • Save time on manual data capture
  • Reduce errors and increase accuracy
  • High quality digital images for scanned paperwork
  • Benefit from intelligent data capture software
  • Verify information on arrival against existing databases