Utility Bill Processing

Cleardata provides utility bill processing and data capture services to energy management companies throughout the UK. Utilising intelligent data capture software we can extract key information from your client bills, improving data accuracy and reducing the need for manual data entry. Our utility bill scanning solution will dramatically speed up your operations, allowing you to report on data more efficiently and provide a quick turnaround for your customers.

Utility Bill Processing Services

Firstly, you will need to send us a sample of each specific supplier bill, these can be hard copies or soft versions. Our data capture specialists will run tests on the documents to determine how best to train the software to look for certain types of information. The more testing, the more accurate and less manual validation needed. Our clever software extracts the required fields of data by training the capture engine what to look for, where to look and any rules that can help the validation process such as the number of digits for a meter number or customer reference.

Utility Bill Scanning

Once the correct data capture method has been identified, client bills are diverted to our secure scanning bureau where our team will prepare documents for scanning. Documents can be sorted based on your requirements. The original copies can then be returned in both digital and paper format along with the data and Cleardata can ensure your documents are sent back in the same batches that they were sent to us.

Documents will be scanned using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, sometimes referred to as ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition).

The data extracted from the utility bills is then converted into readable files. With all of the key information extracted e.g. client name, meter number and bill period, Energy usage, meter readings. This dramatically reduces the need for manual data entry and is much more efficient than carrying this work out the conventional way and reduces the risk of human error, as well as seeding up the process.

The information can be returned in any format, normally we can return the data in a format that suits your business systems and database so it can be imported with ease in CSV, HTML or excel depending on your requirements.

The scanned Utility bills can also be uploaded to our cloud document management system, usually in either PDF or Tiff format. Documents can be categorised based on client name, reference number or job. Bills can also be indexed allowing staff to retrieve files in seconds, without wasting time searching through paper copies.

We understand that fast access to your data is important. Our data entry experts can take the hassle out of your utility bill processing and present your data in an understandable format, enabling you to compare energy prices, tariff changes and client consumptions.

For further information about our utility bill processing services, contact our team on 0800 046 8083.

  • Reduce manual data entryBespoke reporting
  • Respond to customers quicker
  • Report on accurate data