Data Entry Form Design

As part of our business we are experienced in designing forms and surveys with automated data capture in mind. We provide design services with OCR and ICR in mind and ensure high scanning capture rates. Our team can assess your existing paperwork and provide recommendations on the use of structured documentation templates to save valuable time on your document processing.

We can also help with the integration of bar code labelling to:-

  • Recognise incoming forms and information
  • Reduce manual data capture requirements
  • Save time and money on your data capture
  • Increase the accuracy of your incoming data

Print Services

We can offer competitive printing prices for your forms or surveys.  Documents can be printed and finished to your requirements.

Mail Handling & Fulfillment

Cleardata provides outsourced services for mail fulfillment and handling services for mail returns.  The company has a team of 60 staff, and  operates from secure premises.  We can scan your returned envelopes and capture the data from your mail returns.  Once captured this can be output to a csv file for your team to cleanse your customer database.