Direct Mail Fulfillment

Cleardata provides Direct Mail Fulfillment Services for your Survey Forms. The company delivers a Direct Mail Fulfilmentone stop solution for surveys and works with many market research consultancies throughout the UK. Cleardata can help your organisation increase efficiencies and reduce costs by delivering market research services for your survey forms, including:-

  • Form design
  • Print
  • Mail fulfillment
  • Data capture
  • IT support to present your data in any required format and data analysis
  • Scanning
  • Post room scanning services
  • Online hosting of data
  • Physical archiving

What is Direct Mail Fulfilment?

Direct mail is a campaign method used by many businesses. Direct mail fulfilment simply means preparing your chosen materials into a ready-to-mail format.

The fulfilment depends on the specifics of the material that your company is sending out. However, it often includes creating surveys and packaging them. The better your direct mail fulfilment, the more successful your mail campaign will be. As a result, more and more companies are opting to outsource their direct mail fulfilment processes.

The Benefits of Cleardata’s Direct Mail Survey Fulfilment

  • Gather vital feedback that can help your business improve and grow
  • Benefit from a single source for all aspects of your direct mail fulfillment
  • Utilise the market research and survey design experience of Cleardata and its partners
  • Save money thanks to Cleardata’s efficient data capture and analysis
  • Save time that your company can spend carrying out the core business activities that bring in revenue by outsourcing your direct mail fulfillment
  • Receive your collated survey results delivered to you in your desired format

An All Round Direct Mail Solution

Direct mail is a tried and tested way of collecting customer opinions, valuable feedback and key insights. However, the organisation and implementation of a direct mail campaign takes time and effort that many companies don’t have to spare. This is where Cleardata can help. They are experienced in carrying out Travel Surveys, Holiday Surveys, Medical Surveys, Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction Surveys via direct mail, and can handle the whole process for you, from start to finish.

Cleardata can help you to design a form which is not only easy to complete, but which crucially can be accurately scanned to extract key data. Cleardata is then able to utilise its information and document management expertise to collect, analyse and collate the results afterwards. As specialists in document management, digitisation and archiving, after receiving the completed surveys Cleardata swiftly captures the data in digital form and presents you with the results and an analysis of the results. We can then host the data online digitally and/or archive the surveys physically, as desired.

Cleardata is experienced in Travel Surveys, Holiday Surveys, Medical Surveys, Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction Surveys.

For further details on how Cleardata's Direct Mail Fulfilment could help your business call today on 0800 046 8083 or use our quick enquiry form below. Contact Us