Mailroom Processing

Sorting through the mountains of mail that pile in every day can require a full-time role for some companies. This often causes processing delays and increases the potential for data entry errors. That’s why diverting your mailroom to an outsourced service can not only save your business time but also money.

Cleardata offers outsourced mailroom processing services to businesses throughout the UK. Diverting your data to us can transform your operations by reducing manual data entry requirements and improving the accuracy of your data, all of which reduce cost and increase your staff productivity and efficiency.

A mailroom processing service can provide a hub for handling all your incoming information. Our team will open, sort, and process your data in our secured and accredited facility, which is protected by the latest fire, flood, and security systems.

Mailroom  Processing Service

  • Outsourcing to Cleardata provides a comprehensive mailroom service to capture important incoming data and present it to you in a secure and accessible way. Our services include:
  • PO Box setup: assistance in setting up your PO Box to allow your documents to be diverted to our secure bureau
  • Testing – Test phase to ensure the process is working efficiently and in line with expectations
  • Data preparation: our mailroom team will open, sort, and prepare your data
  • Data capture: documents can be scanned using our intelligent data capture software to extract key information such as names, addresses and other specified fields.
  • Data verification: data can be verified against existing databases and Royal Mail databases to ensure accuracy of information
  • Data indexation: we can index your data to your specific requirements. Popular conventions include names, references, and dates.
  • Bespoke reporting: our IT experts can create spreadsheets tailored to your needs that provide the key findings within your data in an easy to understand format
  •  Data security: your data can be uploaded to our secure cloud document management system, where information can be routed to the correct person within your organisation. Information can also be shared with multiple departments in different locations, safely managed by password controls
  • Mail returns processing: mail returns can be processed and a data file provided containing the recipient’s name, address, postcode, and reason for return. This enables you to cleanse your database efficiently.

Cleardata for mailroom services

Cleardata holds accreditations for Information Security ISO27001, Quality Management ISO9001 and Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information BS 10008:2014. Investing in these accreditations ensures our processes adhere to the best and safest possible standards.

The benefits of outsourcing mailroom services

There are several benefits to outsourcing your mailroom processing, including:

  • Reduced manual data entry time
  • Higher productivity and efficiency for staff with more time available
  • Increased data accuracy with validation against databases
  • Better office organisation
  • Reduced staffing costs for mailroom sorting
  • Work towards a paperless office
  • Comply with GDPR regulations

For further information about how Cleardata’s Mailroom Processing Services can improve your business processes, please contact our team on 0800 046 8083.

Save time – By reducing manual data entry requirements you can free up staff time to focus on core business activities.

Reduce costs – By diverting your documents to us, you will no longer need  to allocate staff to manage incoming mail.

Increase accuracy – we can validate your data against existing systems and royal mail databases, this will dramatically increase the accuracy of your data.