Print Output Management

Print Output Management can significantly reduce your business printing and postage costs. Many businesses fail to recognise the financial impact due to the lack of print management in multiple departments. Commonly different departments are responsible for sending varying customer correspondence and therefore may be unaware of other information being sent at the same time.

Print Output Management | Cleardata

Cleardata’s print output management software can pull raw data from multiple systems, enabling correspondence to be combined and sent to customers in one piece of mail. This is especially useful for companies sending out large volumes of customer communication e.g. bills, statements and invoices.

Our print output management software can significantly reduce print and mailing costs, whilst also saving time on manual processing. Other benefits include:-

  • Enhance images of printed output from your host systems without having to make costly software changes.
  • Determine which customers have chosen to be contacted electronically, rather than receiving paper documents. Helping to reduce printing costs.
  • Barcodes can be added using existing data within print files, this solution can dramatically reduce manual data entry requirements on return.

Paper copies of printed forms can be converted and indexed into electronic copies, used for emailing, automated faxing or for storage in our cloud document management system. Storing print files using this system, allows version control to be added to each document. This enables staff to access most current versions of forms, minimising the risk of printing wrong templates.

For further information about Cleardata’s Print Output Management Software please contact our team on 0800 046 8083.

  • Take control your print and mailing costs.
  • Save staff time, by reducing manual data entry requirements.
  • Improve your customer experience, by combining correspondence, instead of them receiving masses of mail through their door.