Data Indexing & Bookmarks

Data Indexing & Bookmark

Efficient Data Management with Indexing and Bookmarking

Quality data management is important for every business, as it ensures that all relevant personnel can find and retrieve the information they need with ease. A lack of indexing or poor data labelling can cause avoidable delays and in some cases data errors, whereas implementing a system bespoke to your business can completely revolutionise your processes and save your employees from needless stress and wasted time.

Cleardata provides a service to UK businesses for efficiently organising their data, including indexing and bookmarking in any required format. This data indexing service can be used to store metadata associated with your digital information such as individual reference numbers, helping you to find specific documents or data strings quickly and easily.

Cleardata offers data indexing solutions completely bespoke to your business, including:

Digital Indexing

Once your information has been scanned or captured, our team can digitally file or index your data based on your specific requirements. Common indexing conventions include reference numbers, surnames, and dates, providing multiple ways for your team to search for information. This service is particularly useful for companies with lots of customer information, in HR departments, and any operation dealing with copious amounts of data.


For companies with lengthy printed documents such as contracts and maintenance manuals, we can provide data bookmarking so that relevant sections can be found easily. Once your information has been digitised, we can bookmark each chapter or section of your documents, allowing staff to navigate to specific information quickly. This helps to enhance training and refresher information for employees and speeds up legal processes.

Interactive Pages

Our IT experts can set up interactive web pages for your manuals, allowing staff to easily find important information within your documents. Storing information via a web page means that staff in multiple departments and different locations can access and collaborate on these documents from anywhere and at any time, improving efficiency and communication in your business. This will also reduce printing costs and help your business work towards zero waste goals.

Cleardata for Secure Data Indexing

Cleardata’s data indexing services are a highly secure operation. With a fully DBS-checked team and ISO-accreditation for Information Security and Quality Management, your data is completely safe with us. Check out our full list of standards and accreditations here.

For further information on how Cleardata can improve your business’s efficiency with our data indexing and bookmarking services, please get in touch on 0800 046 8083 or try our quick quote tool.

  • Increase the accuracy of your data
  • Fast information retrieval
  • Reduce printing costs