Data Management

Data Management Services

Cleardata provides data management solutions to many UK businesses. For companies who regularly receive high volumes of customer surveys or feedback forms we can upload your data to our secure document management system. Once your forms have been scanned your digital documents can be securely stored in the system and accessed from any location using a web browser.

Data Management

How can we manage your data?

  • Divert your customer surveys and feedback forms straight to us, where our mailroom team will open, sort and scan your documents.
  • Using intelligent data capture software, key information can be extracted from your forms. We can extract data from most types of documents, however a higher level of automation is achieved when forms are designed with data capture in mind. To find out more about our form design services click here.
  • We use Kofax software that overtime can recognise and learn your documents. Information can also be verified against existing systems, increasing the accuracy of your data and reducing manual data entry requirements.

Once your surveys or forms have been digitised, information can be uploaded to our secure cloud document management system, where you can benefit from:-

Data Classification – information can be sorted and classified using certain document attributes e.g. survey number, date or customer name.

Keyhook Functionality – documents can be searched using agreed keyboard letters. This function also allows you to search for files whilst using other back office systems e.g. Sage, Word or Excel.

Workflow – integrated workflow can be used to route feedback forms to the correct members of staff e.g. customer complaints can  be sent to the relevant department for follow up.

Version Control –  one of the key issues with data management can be controlling current versions, Dart KW allows data to be continuously updated whilst still retaining the old versions. Once information has been updated the system will automatically provide an audit trail of these changes.

Project Collaboration – multiple staff members working on a specific projects can use the system for sharing work, tasks and project management.

Outlook Integration – Customer emails can also be diverted into the system, allowing staff to keep relevant records of customer communication.

Outsourcing your business processes can get them streamlined and increase staff productivity. For further information about Cleardata’s Data Management services, please contact our team on 0800 046 8083.