Data Verification Service

Data Verification

Cleardata provides data verification services throughout the UK. Once data has been captured we can check  for inconsistencies or mistakes, dramatically improving the accuracy of your data.

Companies who perform manual data entry tasks often experience discrepancies within their data. Incomplete information or data that contains errors can significantly impact business operations. Take marketing for example, if customer information is entered incorrectly e.g names, addresses or telephone numbers, the company has no way of contacting them.

Depending on the type of data our data verification specialists can determine the correct data verification method for you.

Data verification against existing databases

Our IT experts can compare information from your existing systems. We are yet to find a system we can’t work with.

Royal mail data verification

Using royal mail postcode address file (PAF) we can verify information such as postcodes and addresses to ensure your information is correct. Incorrect information can be detected, allowing you correct or cleanse your databases.

Rules & Exceptions

So what happens if some of your information is incorrect? We can agree a set of rules and exceptions with you from the outset. Exceptions can be passed through the verification process, if certain criteria are met.  For example, if all information is correct but names are spelt slightly different, you can select for this data to be accepted. Predefined rules can also allow flagged information to be sent to certain members of staff within your organisation for approval, query or reject.

To discuss your data verification requirements, please contact our team on 0800 046 8083.

Benefits of Data Verification

  • Increase the accuracy of your data
  • Improve your customer communications
  • Reduce your processing costs