Double Key Data Entry

Many businesses simply don’t have the time for large volumes of data capture. Those that do run the risk of rushed work and human error, which can be a critical flaw to any dataset.

To ensure the process is carried out efficiently and without any mistakes, many companies are now outsourcing to data entry services. This helps create more time for staff to focus on their core duties and keeps the data entry as accurate as possible.

Cleardata uses multiple methods of data capture, including double key data capture. This method provides a more accurate digitisation of documents for our clients.

What is Double Key Data Entry?

Double Key Data Entry is a process which uses two different operatives to capture information simultaneously. The data is then compared using software which highlights any differences, providing an additional quality layer and ensuring accurate data capture levels, with improved rates of up to 99.9%.

Double key is ideal for entering information from handwritten documents such as customer forms and surveys. This is a better option for handwriting than intelligent data capture, which can provide poor success rates unless forms are designed with automated capture in mind. .
Once the specifics of the project and how it is to be delivered are discussed and agreed with the client, physical documents or forms can be sent to Cleardata. The company offers secure collection services throughout the UK. Alternatively incoming forms can be diverted via a PO Box to our digital mailroom, where documents can be opened, sorted and scanned on arrival by our team.

Two separate data entry operators are given the same forms to manually enter. This digital information is compared by our double blind entry software to identify any anomalies, mismatches or inaccuracies and fixed accordingly. Once quality checked this can be output via a data file e.g. csv or excel. Our team can also enter data directly onto your online system if required. Cleardata has an IT team who will work with you to ensure data is output in a format compatible with existing systems.

Double Key Data Entry
Benefits of Double Key Data Entry

There are many benefits to using the double key data capture method:

  • Higher Accuracy. Having two teams inputting your data can double the accuracy in the data entry process. This is ideal for businesses with high volumes of documents who cannot afford mistakes.
  • Higher output quality. Double key data capture provides higher quality than other methods of data capture.
  • Multiple document formats. Double key data capture provides flexibility across multiple document formats, from handwritten customer surveys to questionnaires or loyalty cards.
  • Errors are reduced. Electronic forms require validation checks during data entry, such as ensuring that fields aren’t left blank, or that required characters are inputted. These types of validation checks can be built into the process where relevant. This not only reduces errors but greatly speeds up the entire data capture process. Accurate data can then be loaded into almost any system, meaning your data is all ready to be used.

Cleardata operates from secure premises assured for Information Security, Quality Management, Cyber Security and Personal Information Management Systems. Our facilities are protected by enhanced fire detection, security, CCTV and perimeter fencing.

The company operates high volume data entry services and can turn around information quickly and easily. High volume document scanning services are also available using the latest Kodak technology, as well as secure document archiving and shredding.

Choose Cleardata for your Double Key Data Entry services to ensure your process is completed quickly, efficiently and accurately. Get a free quote online today using our handy quotation request form, or call us on 0800 046 8083.