Effectively Process Coupons During the Busy Christmas Period

Coupon Processing - Christmas Retail Period - Cleardata

The Christmas period can be a very busy time for businesses, with staff Christmas parties to organise, corporate gifts to send out and ensuring all paperwork is completed on time. It’s particularly manic for the retail industry, with the busiest shopping period of the year and high volumes of coupon processing.

With the festive period being the most expensive time of year, people will no doubt be looking to collect and use as many vouchers and coupons as possible, in the hope of reducing their Christmas shopping bill. That means administrative teams will be inundated with vouchers to process this month and the start of the New Year.

Cleardata provide coupon and voucher data entry services all over Britain. The document management company are experienced in capturing data from a variety of documents used by the retail industry, as well as entering information into a number of systems and ensuring it’s processed quickly and accurately.

Outsourcing these services can significantly improve your retail company and allows your dedicated staff to purely focus on critical business activities such as customer service, loyalty programmes and customer retention, rather than repetitive administration tasks, like coupon processing. Cleardata’s services include:

Data Capture – Information from coupons and vouchers can be automatically captured using highly intelligent software. The documents will be scanned and converted to digital format, where data will be extracted and presented in the relevant database. The captured information will obtain higher accuracy levels as it’s processed digitally, eliminating the possibility of human error. The physical documents can be returned for your company records or securely destroyed.

Data Entry – Cleardata’s highly trained data entry staff can enter thousands of key strokes every hour, using the latest systems to ensure data is entered accurately, from typed or handwritten documents. Data from coupons can be manually entered by two individual operators, to double check the information is entered correctly and increasing the quality.
Online Data Entry – Data can entered directly into an online system, saving your employees to copy the extracted information again. For instance, if vouchers can only be accepted if customers fill out their details such as name and email address, Cleardata can enter the information straight into your Customer Relationship Management system. The data is then ready to be contacted for more information on your products or additional coupons.

Outsourcing these surveys to the document management company can provide a variety of benefits, including:

  • Saving your business time by not needing to manually enter data from thousands of coupons
  • Increasing the level of accuracy of the data in your systems by using specialised data entry operatives or even more so with intelligent capturing software
  • Saving money by delegating your staff to more productive roles in the organisation instead of entering data
  • Speeding up the processes of extracting the data from coupons

Cleardata also offer additional services that can help the retail industry process documents, such as:

  • Digital & post mailroom for companies to divert their loyalty programmes to Cleardata for sorting and processing.
  • Design a variety of forms for your customers to fill in, with special fields to make data capture quicker and easier in the future. A range of documents could include retail surveys, customer satisfaction forms and loyalty cards.

If you’d like additional information on Cleardata’s data capture and coupon processing services, please contact our team on 0800 046 8083. Alternatively, a quick quote can be generated using the tool on our website.