Frequently Asked Questions

What security certifications does your business hold?

Our business is certified to ISO27001 for Information Security.

What is OCR?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. OCR transforms printed information into a keyword searchable, digital file.

What turnaround times do you offer?

Lead times are agreed on a project by project basis as part of the job specification.  We offer a fast, efficient service.

What formats can you deliver my data in?

Our IT team can output your data in any required format.  We commonly use CSV or Excel format.

How will you return my data?

Data can be returned via Secure FTP or stored onto a CD or USB.  Alternatively we can upload your data to our Cloud Document Management Solution.

Can you collect my documents?

Collection can be arranged via our Sales team.  We offer secure collection services throughout the UK, using our own fleet of tracked vehicles.

Are you accredited for Quality Management?

Yes, Cleardata is accredited to ISO9001.

Do you offer scanning services?

Yes, Cleardata has a professional scanning bureau and can digitise high volumes of paperwork.

What is ICR or Intelligent Character Recognition?

Intelligent Character recognition is commonly used when the document or survey to be processed has been hand written. Spending time during the form design,  ensures that the document is conducive to ICR capture, offers high read rates and reduces manual intervention to a minimum level during form processing.  For example passport forms are designed for this purpose, using individual boxes to capture each letter.

Can you validate my data for me?

Our team can verify or check captured data against your existing back office databases to provide a high level of accuracy.

Can you design a bespoke report for us?

Our IT team can design purpose built spreadsheet reports for you to easily analyse your captured data.

How secure are your facilities?

Our facilities are protected by 24hour CCTV, secure perimeter fencing, biometric entry and enhanced security systems.

What is double data entry?

Double data entry means data is entered by two separate processors.  If  a variation occurs between both sets of data our software will prevent any further action, until this is manually corrected.

Do you offer automated data capture for handwritten forms?

Yes we do, however the success rates for automated capture of handwritten forms is dependent on the initial design of the form or survey.  Cleardata can help you design forms with automated capture in mind.

What levels of accuracy can you achieve?

We offer an accuracy guarantee up to 99.95% for our data entry services.

Can we divert our surveys to Cleardata for processing?

Yes, you can divert incoming surveys, documents or forms to our secure mail room facility.  Our team can open, sort and scan them for you and provide automated data capture solutions, to extract data from incoming mail.

How can you index my data?

Our team can index (digitally file) your data to suit your requirements.  E.g. data can be indexed by name, reference number, data or address.