Improve your paper based loyalty cards and membership forms in the retail industry

Loyalty Scheme Data CaptureProcessing paper based loyalty card registrations can be time consuming, causing delays in responding to your new loyalty card members and any reactive marketing activity. Although everything concerned with data is slowly emerging to become digitised, paper based membership forms and loyalty cards are still being utilised within the industry.

For those retailers who prefer to use paper based systems, consider re-designing your forms with electronic data capture in mind. Customer data can be captured quickly and easily using bar codes, scanning technology and the latest automated capture solutions. This can save time and money for both large and small retail companies, when processing high volumes of loyalty card applications and memberships for a variety of brands.

Cleardata can help cut costs and save time for companies, achieving savings by reducing the company’s time spent on manually typing out information, improving the accuracy of captured data and speeding up processing speeds.

Cleardata offers electronic data capture and data entry services, enabling data to be automatically extracted from documents. These services are becoming very popular for companies, especially in the retail industry, where speedy processing is essential to engage with customers in a fast moving market, with customers actively looking for the latest promotional offers during their shopping process. These services include:
Form Design and Print - Cleardata

Form Design and Print

Form design and the type of capture used has a large impact on whether data can be effectively captured or not. Cleardata are able to design forms with barcodes to automatically capture and verify information.

As retail is a very fast paced industry, spending valuable time rectifying errors on incoming data as a result of poor form design should be avoided as this can drastically slow down your processing times.

Data Entry

Data Entry - CleardataCleardata have a designated team that specialise in data entry, validation and quality control using the latest software. Our staff have the capability of entering thousands of documents each day in a range of formats with 99.95% accuracy levels for each job, due to our two quality checking stations. The team are also able to output your data in any format that is required.

Outsourcing your data entry requirements would significantly reduce the time that staff spend manually typing out form after form and increase data accuracy.

Data Capture

Data Capture - CleardataThe company’s electronic data capture services allows information to be automatically extracted from your customer information forms. The company has a fleet of high production scanners to digitise your forms and then use specialist intelligent capture software to extract relevant details using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

Such details would include:

  • Customer name
  • Date of birth
  • Loyalty scheme sign up date
  • Contact information etc…

Investing in a data capture solution would drastically save staff time on manually locating the relevant customer information and inserting it in a database. This can cause a severe delay in your marketing team focusing on other important marketing activities, such as customer targeted emails.

Digital Mail Room Services

Digital Mail Room - CleardataCleardata’s digital mailroom enables organisations to redirect their customer membership forms or loyalty card information to our head office to sort out the opening, arranging and scanning of their documents. We are also able to index certain data such as names, contact details and dates to allow you to search for specific information quickly. Once your documents have been scanned, you can request that your data is returned either by secure FTP or by uploading it to our cloud document management system that you can securely access.

For further information on moving past paper forms and using Cleardata’s electronic data capture services, please contact us on 0800 046 8081.