Innovation & Technology

InnovationCleardata is an innovative company that helps businesses save time and money by offering a combination of services and solutions which will transform and automate your paper based, manual processes.

We offer high volume data entry and data capture solutions ,as well as scanning services and advice on form design, innovative print and digital mail room solutions.  We can help reduce manual data entry requirements, improve accuracy and speed up processing times.

Our business continually invests in the latest solutions, enabling UK companies to stay ahead of the competition by revolutionising labour intensive operations. This is becoming increasingly important in the current economic climate, where resources are restricted, due to tight budget constraints.

Cleardata has invested in high production scanning technology, intelligent data capture software and a unique cloud document management system. We offer:-

  • High production scanning
  • Manual data entry services, with unique quality checking software
  • Automated data capture solutions from scanned images
  • Optical Character Recognition Technology (OCR) – converts printed documents into fully searchable files.
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)- allows information to be automatically captured from handwritten forms. Forms specifically designed with data capture in mind e.g. passport and driving licence forms.  Our team can advise on form design to enable you to reach the highest levels of automation for scanned images.
  • Kofax Data Capture Software – this is an intelligent solution, that can recognise data on your images including logos, reference numbers, totals, supplier details.  The software will learn your document types. We can output your data to any required format and verify information against existing back office databases.
  • Cloud Document Management (Dart KW) – documents can be securely stored in the cloud, accessed from any location using a web browser and diverted to correct members of staff.  This solution offers automated workflow, approvals and email notifications to  digitise and overhaul time consuming paper processes.
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