Keep on top of your company with bespoke reporting

Cleardata provides customised reporting services to numerous organisations all over the United Kingdom. The company’s specialised team will discuss your business’s particular requirements with you and will produce bespoke reports from your data. This report will enable you to analyse your captured information, usually in the form of spreadsheets, quickly and easily.

Cleardata is able to provide the following personalised reporting services:

  • Create a combination of data from numerous sources and databases to produce a dashboard view of your organisation’s KPI’s
  • Create a report with digitally indexed data, enabling you to search through required information easily
  • Enable lengthy data to be bookmarked by particular sections to allow quick navigation
  • Enable data to be located on a collaborative webpage, so other employees can access the information simply
  • Create surveys and other data in a spreadsheet format to include complex scripts and formulas
  • Convert your data into other standard or unusual required formats, such as being searchable by keywords using OCR, CMS Systems, CAD drawings or CSV, jpeg and tiff files
  • Cloud reporting can be used by importing key information to the cloud that can be accessed from anywhere by using the internet 

The benefits of using bespoke reports for your company include:

  • Being able to compare different sets of data from a variety of systems and departments, enabling your company directors to interpret statistics that may require immediate action
  • Keeping on top of your organisation’s KPI’s and important developments within your industry
  • Viewing your data in an easy and simple format
  • Sharing your data between the required departments throughout your company securely
  • Creating valuable targets and to determine your company’s and employee’s performance measurements
  • Being able to easily analyse certain data and update important databases
  • Creating notifications to alert or monitor specific data performance, for instance when targets are being met or are if they’re under performing 

For further information about how your company can keep on top with bespoke reports, call our team on 0800 046 8083.