Looking to reduce your marketing overheads?

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Start the New Year by reviewing your market research data capture techniques. Do your staff spend hours out of their day manually entering customer information from your customer surveys, loyalty cards, competitions or feedback forms? If the answer is yes, consider outsourcing your market research processing. Outsourcing your data entry requirements can save your business huge amounts of money, money that could be spent on devising new campaigns or better spent elsewhere.

Where do companies tend to go wrong?

In marketing, a clear customer data capture strategy is essential; it enables businesses to analyse customer behaviour and make tactical decisions about their products or services. No matter how well planned out, companies often make little mistakes that can lead to big problems.

  • Many marketeers spend huge amounts of time pondering over what customer information to collect. Yes this is a vital step in the planning process, but more importantly they must consider how the data is going to be processed.
  • Market research information can be a real hassle for your staff to process, problems such as bad handwriting and missing information can lead to inaccurate data. Data that you may have invested a heavy lump sum of your budget into, could potentially end up being useless.

Determining how your information is going to be processed prior to data capture will significantly increase the accuracy of your data, reduce manual data entry requirements and speed up processing times, allowing you to react to the needs of your customers fast and efficiently.

At Cleardata we have a dedicated IT team who work with various data capture techniques on a daily basis, it is their speciality. They will work with you to analyse your current processes and determine how and where efficiencies can be gained.

Here’s how we can help…

  • We can design your forms for optimum data capture. There are a number of ways we can speed up processing times for example, adding barcodes to your forms, which automatically capture standard information such as name, address and titles. Dramatically speeding up processing times.
  • Our data capture specialists can create standard form templates, which include tick boxes and relevant spacing (just think of a passport or driving licence form). This solution allows our intelligent data capture software to read and extract information from your customer surveys, loyalty cards, competitions or feedback forms. Providing high levels of automation.
  • Once data has been extracted from your forms, information can be validated against your existing databases, all you need to do is provide us with a csv file or a data feed into your system. If the information contains addresses and postcodes, our mailroom team can check your data against Royal Mail databases, allowing you to cleanse your database and only send offers and promotions to those intended.
  • Cleardata can return your data in any required format, popular choices include spreadsheet, csv or uploaded to the cloud. We also offer bespoke reporting, allowing you to understand and make use of your important data. For further information, click here.

For 2016 make it your goal to get the most out of your market research data, visit our website for more information about our survey forms processing or contact our friendly team today to discuss your requirements on 0800 046 8083.