Outsourced Insurance Claims Processing

Insurance Claim Form ProcessingStorms, high winds and flooding continue to battle their way across the UK, causing significant damage and destruction to residential homes and commercial premises.

As a result, insurance companies and brokers, are faced with high volumes of claims, as well as pressure to handle them quickly.

Processing paper claims forms can take time, due to labour intensive tasks such as mail sorting, scanning and data capture.

To cope with seasonal increases and avoid backlogs or delays in your claims processing, consider outsourcing your scanning and data capture.

This can avoid additional resource and overhead costs for:-

  • Recruitment
  • Staff training time
  • Additional scanning equipment costs
  • Manual data entry and processing

Cleardata are experienced in dealing with high volumes of claims. Our digital mailroom and automated data capture services offer a secure, accredited claims processing solution for insurance companies.  Our team work to agreed KPI’s and provide high volume productivity levels.

Claims Process Improvement

How can Cleardata help…

  • Forms can be designed with data capture in mind. Pre-populated barcodes can be added to include information such as client name, address and reference number. This solution significantly reduces manual data entry.
  • Divert claim forms to Cleardata’s mailroom, where documents can be opened, sorted and prepared for scanning.
  • Claims are scanned using high volume, production scanners. All images are quality checked by two operators. Our bureau utilises a bespoke scanning bureau management system, which continually manages jobs and measures productivity by operative.
  • Utilising intelligent data capture software, information can be extracted from forms and validated against existing back office systems, for high levels of accuracy.
  • Data capture software can learn and automatically recognise certain fields within the forms, increasing the levels of automation and reducing the need for human intervention.
  • The software can also be trained to look for certain strings of words e.g. claim type, supporting evidence. This enables documents to be classified and grouped by type, date or department, saving huge amounts of time in comparison to manual sorting.
  • Once in digital format, claim forms can be uploaded to Cleardata’s document management system and automatically routed to the correct department.
  • Original paper copies can be securely stored for an agreed time period, returned or compliantly shredded. Approval will be needed by an authorised member if staff for prior to destruction.

For further information about Cleardata’s digital mailroom or data capture services, contact our team on 0800 046 8083.