Outsourced Job Application Forms Processing for Recruitment Agencies

Application Form Processing - CleardataProcessing job applications can be time consuming, especially if you’re a recruitment agency with high volumes of incoming CV’s and job application forms, digitally or paper based.

One of the main issues recruitment agencies face is not only finding the right candidates and candidate competition, but sifting through hundreds of CV’s and application forms. Sorting through these documents and categorising them into relevant skills, degrees, previous employment etc is vital to ensure the right candidates are put forward for a suitable role.

Although it can be a labour intensive and costly task, it’s important that all documents are processed correctly in order for every candidate to be registered on the system and that their information is entered accurately.

Cleardata’s automated data capture and data entry services can significantly help to ensure people’s personal details are recorded in your database, ready to be matched with a suitable job opportunity.

Data Capture

Job application forms are usually pre-printed documents that are designed for data to be captured, with relevant fields provided for the individual to fill in their details.

Cleardata can scan the documents and have the data automatically extracted using an intelligent data capture software, called Kofax. To ensure the information has been extracted with high accuracy levels, it will then be verified against the data in your current systems.

Data Entry

Handwritten application forms can also be processed using data capture software, but double blind data entry may be recommended in order to obtain more accurate results. This involves the data to be checked by two data entry operatives, ensuring an accuracy performance of 99.9%.

Individual’s CVs can also be processed using online data entry, with the data being directly entered into your online system.

The benefits of processing job applications with data capture or data entry services include:

  • Saving staff significant time in manually typing out the data
  • Saving valuable money on employing individuals for the labour
  • Speeding up form processing times
  • Increases data accuracy levels using specialised software or trained data entry staff
  • Having your data entered into any required system
  • Having the data exported into any special format

Once the application forms have been scanned with the data extracted, the documents can be uploaded to Cleardata’s low cost cloud document management system. Whilst being able to access it from any required location, the system also allows records to be diverted to the correct members of staff for action, saving important candidate information in being mislaid and located quickly.

Barcode labels can be added to application forms to contain pre-populated information such as names and addresses. This reduces time spent on manual data entry and automatically sorts your forms out for you.

Additionally, documents can be indexed by informations such as names, date of birth, and employment industry, in order for CV’s or forms to be searched for and located quickly and easily.

Cleardata can also design forms and surveys that enables your data to be extracted quickly and easily. Documents that aren’t designed with data capture in mind can cause your recruitment agency time and money in extracting your information.

If you’d like more information on processing job applications with Cleardata or other data entry and data capture services, please contact the team on 0800 046 8081. Alternatively, you can use our quick quote online tool.