Outsourced student evaluation forms processing

Student Evaluation Forms & Feedback ProcessingCapturing student feedback is essential to a school’s success. It enables staff to reflect on the previous year and make key changes to lesson plans and other business strategies, to improve the student experience. However at this time of year when exams and assessments are in full swing, student feedback can often get overlooked.

To avoid losing out on key feedback from your students, outsourced data capture services should be considered. Student evaluation forms and feedback surveys can be designed to reduce the amount of manual data entry required on return, other benefits of outsourcing include:-

  • Increased data accuracy levels
  • Faster processing times
  • Free staff time
  • Reduced processing costs

Cleardata can handle the entire process from form design and print, to mail fulfilment and capturing your data on return.

Designing & managing your student feedback surveys

  • Designing student evaluation forms with data capture in mind allows key information, for example module codes, student ID’s, ratings and strings of words to be automatically extracted from forms.
  • Barcodes labels can be used to speed up processing, by pre-populating students names, addresses and contact details.
  • Cleardata’s print and mail fulfillment services ensures forms are printed and sent out in line with a agreed SLA’s.
  • Once forms have been completed, Cleardata’s Digital Mailroom, enables forms to be diverted straight back to our secure scanning facility for opening, sorting and digitisation.
  • OCR technology is used to convert forms into computer readable text, allowing data capture software to identify and extract data.
  • Extracted data is verified against existing database information, increasing data accuracy.
  • Data is returned for easy import into your existing systems, commonly used is excel and csv files.

Additional Services

Low Cost Cloud Document Management – once forms have been scanned and data extracted, scanned images can up uploaded to the cloud. The system can be accessed from any location using a web connection and forms diverted to the correct members of staff for action.

Spreadsheet Design & Bespoke Reporting – Cleardata’s spreadsheet design and bespoke reporting services can be used to manage and collate your information. Data is returned in a format to suit your needs, enabling staff to analyse and view information easily.

For further information about our student evaluation forms processing and student feedback surveys, contact our team on 0800 046 8083.