At What Point Should You Invest in a Document Capture Solution?

Data Capture
Companies continuously search for ways to develop and improve their processes in order to be more efficient and ultimately, more profitable. Document capture can effectively enhance value to your business by creating quicker processes, saving your business time and money.

Capturing the data from documents or entering information from one format to another, are time consuming and labour intensive tasks. Cleardata provides data capture and data entry services to organisations throughout the UK.

Whilst data entry consists of trained operatives entering data into systems and data capture uses intelligent technology to automatically extract the information, both are able to offer valuable advantages to your company.

It’s probably time to invest in a data extraction solution if your business faces one of the following challenges:

Time-consuming office activities

Repetitive administrative duties are important, though slightly tedious, in order to keep businesses up to date and organise information. Although, when at excessive levels, certain activities can be very time consuming and can end up distracting employees from completing more important tasks.

An example of this is data processing. Manually entering data from paper-based documents into systems or between different databases can be extremely time consuming, especially reading over the information to ensure everything is correct. A large amount of documents that require processing can create a backlog of data, causing delays to the company.

Capturing data from documents with Cleardata can save your company a significant amount of time and speeds up the whole process of collecting and reporting data. The technology saves employees needing to manually type out and report the information, allowing them to focus on more important business tasks. Whereas, document capture automatically and quickly detects, captures and extracts relevant data.

Limited visibility

Accurately analysing business process visibility is crucial for senior management to monitor and forecast processes, transactions and other company activities. It’s important to determine if processes are adding value to the company and are consistent with key goals.

If certain activities are inundated with repetitive and manual tasks, it can prove to create problems for decision makers to analyse the effectiveness of processes and reduces visibility.

Data capture techniques can improve the effectiveness of certain processes and greatly improve process visibility. Our specialised team can enter information directly into your systems and work to your required time scales, being consistent with key performance indicators for speed and quality.

Reduced accuracy

In the process of manually entering important data into systems or online databases, the information entered may not be entirely accurate due to spelling errors, typos or incorrect details have been added. Mistakes occurring from processing client records or HR files can be detrimental to a company.

Automatically capturing information from documents considerably increases accuracy levels. Paper records can be scanned and an advanced technology can automatically extract the required data from the documents. Once the data is captured, it can be checked and validated against your current systems, to ensure the information is correct and eliminates human error.

Double blind data entry can also be used to ensure accuracy levels. This is where two individual operators will manually enter data into the required systems, with the other double checking that everything is correct, reaching an accuracy level of 99.5%.

Increased cost

If data is entered incorrectly, it takes time for individuals to go back through the systems and to correct the errors. It also costs money for employees to stop their current business activities and to vlidate databases by checking the data.

Inefficient administration tasks can also be costly with instances such as hiring additional staff to manage a busy workload, investing in third party systems to store relevant records and the costs of repairing and cleansing systems.

Automatically extracting information from documents can save companies money on employing additional staff to carry out manual data entry tasks, as well as going through and validating the entered information.

If you’d like further details on Cleardata’s document capture services, then please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 0800 046 8081. Alternatively, you can try our quick online quote tool.