Process Insurance Claims Quickly with Automated Data Capture

Claims Processing Services - CleardataStorm Brian and hurricane Ophelia are currently causing disruption and damage to residential properties and commercial buildings around Britain.

With company logos being blown off buildings, flooding of homes and car incidents due to the stormy weather, insurance claims processing will be soaring.

Not only will insurance organisations be inundated with a variety of claims, individuals will be working over-time with additional members of staff and volunteers being hired to ensure all enquiries are dealt with quickly. Processing insurance claims is a lengthy and time consuming activity that can involve labour intensive tasks of manually keying in data and sorting out mail.

Cleardata offers automated data capture and data entry services that can significantly improve the process of claim forms for P&C, commercial and life insurance companies.

Outsourcing your important claim forms and supporting documents for automated data extraction can reduce processing times, minimise claims management costs and enable you to improve customer service levels.

Automated data capture and data entry services can:

  • Manage incoming paperwork as well as electronic documentation via email or fax
  • Capture information straight from the document automatically
  • Identify, classify and automatically extract information from incoming claims. Where required, operator validation and exception handling can also be managed by Cleardata.
  • Manually key data from thousands of records every day from multiple claims processing formats
  • Documents can be output in any required format to work with existing systems.
  • Significantly improve the quality of the data compared to an office clerk
  • Enter information into any required system

Our team can help design pre-populated document types to improve inbound capture and classification processes, as well as working with organisations to understand what communications could be moved to a more digital format to reduce inbound paperwork in the future.

We use barcodes to pre populate documents with information as well as individual capture boxes to increase capture from handwritten forms. Our intelligent capture software can recognise and automatically extract details such as policy reference number, date and location of the incident or damage.

Read how the company can help with data extraction and processing claim solutions.

The company can also save your insurance organisation significant time and money on the following predominant activities:

  • Hiring additional staff for busy claim processing periods, such as winter weather
  • Training new employees for the peak time
  • On staff manually entering information from paper forms into necessary systems
  • Allowing the relevant employees to return to their usual duties and focusing on valued business activities

See how we helped Assurant with their insurance claims forms by reading our case study.

For further information on Cleardata’s claims processing services or to find out how we can help you cope with seasonal peaks and avoiding backlogs, please contact the team on 0800 046 8083 or email You can also receive a quick quote of your insurance documents here.