Questionnaire Data Entry

Questionnaire Service - CleardataQuestionnaires are key to gathering important business feedback, whether it be from customers or employees. They enable companies to make strategic decisions, based on the responses given. However, the way in which the data is processed could have a major impact on the results: often businesses will use members of staff to manually input the data, which can be time consuming and costly, as well as running the risk of data being input incorrectly.

Cleardata is set up to handle high volumes of questionnaires in both paper or electronic format. Our experienced data entry staff will determine the correct method of data capture for your questionnaire processing to increase data accuracy and provide quick access to your data.

The advantages of questionnaire data entry and processing from Cleardata:

  • You can save your staff  time and redirect their efforts elsewhere
  • Cleardata’s data entry and processing services are extremely precise and accurate
  • Cleardata are also experts in form design
  • State-of-the-art scanners and OCR technology
  • Cleardata’s digital mailroom allows them to send out, receive and process forms in an end-to-end service

Questionnaire Processing Services

The company has invested in the latest data entry and automated data capture solutions, enabling information to be automatically extracted from your questionnaires.

Intelligent data capture

Intelligent automated data capture uses intelligent capture software to identify and capture key information from forms, surveys and questionnaires and convert this into digital data. 

In order to utilise this technology, questionnaires need to be structured in a particular way. Cleardata are experts in questionnaire and form design and will help you design your own questionnaires that will ensure you gain the data you need in a form that is quick and efficient to process.

Once the questionnaires have been filled out, Cleardata can receive and process them directly at our state-of-the-art facility. 

How does it work?

  • Questionnaire forms diverted to Cleardata’s mailroom, for opening, sorting and scanning.
  • Key data extracted, using automated data capture software.
  • Data verified against existing business systems, ensuring high levels of accuracy and enabling data cleansing of incorrect information.
  • Information can also be checked against Royal Mail databases.
  • Data Indexed for quick retrieval.
  • Extracted data output to your preferred method, including csv, excel or html.
  • Scanned images of questionnaire forms uploaded to Cleardata’s cloud document management system, allowing authorised members of staff to view information from any location with internet access.

Manual Data Entry for Existing Questionnaires

If you already have forms that have been filled in and are purely looking for a professional data entry service to gather the data, Cleardata can help here too. Their team of data entry experts can speedily and accurately transfer your questionnaire data to a digital format.

Cleardata can process both structured and unstructured data and convert it into information that you can use to make your business as successful and profitable as possible. 

Other Questionnaire Processing Services Include:-

  • Bespoke reporting
  • Spreadsheet design
  • Data Analysis
  • Online dashboard reporting
  • Mail Returns handling
  • Questionnaire form design

For further information about Cleardata’s questionnaire data entry services, form design or other services, contact our team today on 0800 046 8083.

Benefits of automated questionnaire data entry

  • Improve the accuracy of captured data
  • Free up staff time to do other tasks
  • Fast service will help you produce questionnaire feedback quickly and easily
  • Improve response times to customers
  • UK secure accredited service