Get quick access to your data with questionnaire processing services

Questionnaire Processing Services CleardataQuestionnaires are key to gathering important business feedback, whether it be from customers or employees. They enable companies to make strategic decisions, based on the responses given. However the way in which the data is processed could have a major impact on the results, often businesses will use members of staff to manually input the data, which can be time consuming and costly, as well as runs the risk of inputting data incorrectly.

Cleardata is setup to handle high volumes of questionnaires in both paper or electronic format. Our experienced data entry staff, will determine the correct method of data capture for your questionnaire processing, to increase data accuracy and provide quick access to your data.

Questionnaire Processing Services

We have invested in the latest data entry and automated data capture solutions, enabling information to be automatically extracted from your questionnaires.

How does it work?

  • Questionnaire forms diverted to Cleardata’s mailroom, for opening, sorting and scanning.
  • Key data extracted, using automated data capture software.
  • Data verified against existing business systems, ensuring high levels of accuracy and enabling data cleansing of incorrect information.
  • Information can also be checked against Royal Mail databases.
  • Data Indexed for quick retrieval.
  • Extracted data output to your preferred method, including csv, excel or html.
  • Scanned images of questionnaire forms uploaded to Cleardata’s cloud document management system, allowing authorised members of staff to view information from any location with internet accesses.

If you haven’t already designed your questionnaires, Cleardata can manage your project from start to finish. Forms can be designed for optimum data capture, using our questionnaire form design service. We will send out the forms on your behalf and process them upon return.

Other Questionnaire Processing Services Include:-

  • Bespoke reporting
  • Spreadsheet design
  • Data Analysis
  • Online dashboard reporting
  • Mail Returns handling
  • Questionnaire form design

For further information about Cleardata’s Questionnaire Processing Services or Questionnaire Form Design, contact our team on 0800 046 8083.