Quickly Process University Feedback Forms using Data Entry Services

Feedback FormAs September is quickly approaching, new students are getting ready to start university. Whilst it’s important to recruit students for the new academic year, it’s also necessary to focus on existing students in offering support and gaining valuable information. Outsourced data entry services can help universities manage data from a variety of documents, including student feedback forms.

Feedback forms are an effective method for universities to use when collecting valuable information. Student views can encourage changes that need to be made to the establishment in order to engage future college leavers to attend their university, such as improving courses and increasing student support.

Cleardata offer data entry and data capture services to universities and organisations in the education sector, all over the UK. With over 10 years’ experience, the company can manage any form of data including, hand-written, typed or scanned documents.

Analysing the data from thousands of student feedback forms can be a very time consuming and tedious task. Using outsourced data entry projects with Cleardata can significantly speed up the processing times of university feedback forms. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced costs
  • Save employees time
  • Quick project turnarounds
  • Increased levels of data accuracy

Here’s how Cleardata can help you process your student feedback forms:

  1. The forms can be sent to the company’s secure bureau for sorting and scanning.
  2. Once they are digitised, data will be extracted from the forms either by intelligent data capture or accurate data entry. The data extraction method will depend on the design of the form and your requirements. Cleardata can design forms that create optimal data capture results, saving you more time in the future.
  3. The extracted information will be entered into your required database or existing systems. If needed, Cleardata can create bespoke spreadsheets that meet your reporting requirements.
  4. If data was entered into a spreadsheet it will be sent to you via SFTP (secure file transfer protocol).

Read the case study on how Cleardata helped Oundle School process thousands of student feedback forms.

To find out more about Cleardata’s outsourced data entry services for feedback forms or any other type of documentation, please call our team on 0800 046 8083, email at sales@cleardata.co.uk or calculate your own costs using our online quick quote tool.