Reduce manual paper processing using data capture solutions

UK Data Capture Solutions & ServicesWith the national minimum wage increase, businesses are continuously searching for ways to reduce overheads. Whether you’re a start up business or well established, the hidden costs and time associated with paperwork processing can often go unnoticed.

Data capture solutions can significantly cut costs and speed up processing times. OCR scanning technology and intelligent data capture software, allows data to be automatically extracted from paperwork and output to a preferred format without delays.

Documents involving high volumes of manual processing, such as invoices, application forms, surveys and feedback forms can all take up huge amounts of staff time. If you are looking to reduce your running costs, consider outsourcing the following types of paperwork:-

Application forms

Application forms can fluctuate in volumes, due to seasonal demands, making it difficult to allocate the correct members of staff for processing. Data capture service providers are setup to handle high volumes of paperwork on a daily basis. Labour intensive tasks such as sorting and manual data entry can be streamlined using a range of innovative solutions.

Financial Documentation

Invoices and other financial document processing can take up huge amounts of staff time, due to manual tasks including, scanning, data entry, validation and approvals. Data capture solutions enable accounts payable staff to concentrate of key tasks and spend less time dealing with queries. Click here to find out more.

Surveys & Feedback Forms

Surveys and feedback forms give key insights into customer experiences. But do your staff have the time to manually processes all of this information? Barcode technology allows information such as names, addresses and postcodes to be pre-populated into your forms. This dramatically reduces manual data entry requirements and feeds important data back into your business quickly and accurately. Click here to find out more about form design.

Data capture solutions can be utilised to extract information for all sorts of documentation, helping sectors such as HR, Finance, Legal, Marketing, Retail, Education and more. Click here to find out how we can help or contact our team on 0800 046 8083.