Survey Data Reporting

Cleardata has a team of IT experts on hand to help with your bespoke data reporting requirements. We can work with you to:-

  • Bespoke Reporting Services from Cleardata. Spreadsheet Design, Data DeduplicationCreate bespoke reports in a format to suit your needs.
  • Create spreadsheets, with complex formulas to analyse information
  • Convert data to other formats
  • Digitally index data to enable information to be easily searched
  • Cloud reporting solutions – access your data reports from the cloud

Spreadsheet Design

Excel is a popular option to present information.  Our team have produced Excel Spreadsheets for many businesses, presenting survey data results  in an easy to understand manner.  We can write complex formulas and scripts to group, analyse, compare or de-duplicate your information.

Cloud Reporting

Our business offers a low cost cloud document management solution.  We can upload your reports via the cloud, enabling your team to access information quickly and easily.  Data can be accessed from anywhere using an ordinary website browser.  This is a secure solution, which can be restricted at a user and group level.