Bespoke Reporting

Bespoke Reporting

Bespoke Reporting Services, Cleardata

Cleardata offers bespoke reporting services to many companies throughout the UK.

We can create any type of report from your data, our team will consult with you about your requirements and build a bespoke reports to help you analyse your information quickly and easily.

Bespoke Reporting Services

  • Combine data from multiple sources and existing databases to create a dashboard view of KPI’s.
  • Spreadsheet design, including complex script and formula writing.
  • Create indexed reports, allowing quick navigation to specific information.
  • Data can be bookmarked and stored on an interactive webpage.
  • Convert data into other formats e.g. CSV files
  • Key information can be uploaded to the cloud and access from any location, using a web browser.


  • Compare data sets from different systems or various departments, allowing critical business decisions to be determined.
  • View data in a clear, understandable format.
  • Keep on top of KPI’s and key trends within your industry.
  • Securely share data between management teams within the organisation.
  • Create targets and determine performance measurements.
  • Cleanse data and update key databases.
  • Receive triggered alerts to notify management when targets are being met or underperforming.

For further information about our bespoke reporting services, call our team on 0800 046 8083.