Data Analysis

Data Analysis and Reporting Services, Cleardata

Cleardata offers data analysis services throughout the UK.  We have a team of experienced IT staff who can help analyse and present your incoming business data in a format to suit your needs.  At the outset we will complete a project specification to understand your requirements.

Data Analysis Services

  • Set up and provide regular reports and email notifications to update you on your data information
  • Design graphs, data reports or summary information
  • Bespoke spreadsheet design and reporting
  • Create rules to monitor or flag up specific data performance
  • Notify your management team on key data information
  • Upload data to our cloud document management solution for fast access
  • Provide an online business intelligence dashboard

Mail Room Service

You maybe interested in diverting your incoming paperwork or electronic information to our outsourced bureau.  This enables you to:-

For further details on Cleardata’s data analysis services, call our team on 0800 046 8083 or complete our contact us form.

  1. Agree project specification with our consultant
  2. Set up bespoke reports or spreadsheets to suit your requirements
  3. Create unique formulas or scripts to analyse your data
  4. Return data analysis to agreed KPI’s