Spreadsheet Design

Spreadsheet Design

Cleardata provides spreadsheet design and reporting services for surveys and any other type of data.

Spreadsheet Design & Reporting Services

Excel is a popular option to present information.  Our team have produced Excel Spreadsheets for many businesses, presenting survey data results  in an easy to understand manner.

Our spreadsheet and reporting services:-

  • Design spreadsheets to suit your data requirements
  • Build multiple sheets to present data in a variety of ways
  • Write complex formulas and scripts
  • Create graphs, pie charts or bar charts
  • Group, analyse and compare data
  • Create reports and summarise information
  • De-duplicate and cleanse data

We can manually enter data from surveys for you or use scanning and automatic data capture technology to capture your information on a regular basis.  Once data is captured, we can present in a spreadsheet format for your team to analyse. Cleardata offers outsourced digital mail room services, enabling surveys to be diverted to our team to be opened and captured.

For further information on our spreadsheet design and reporting services call our team on 0800 046 8083 or use our contact us form.

Benefits of Spreadsheet Reporting & Design

Bespoke Reporting Services from Cleardata. Spreadsheet Design, Data Deduplication

  • View survey data using bespoke spreadsheets
  • Present raw data in any required format, to suit different teams or departments
  • Summarise information in graphical format
  • Monitor incoming survey information
  • Cleanse data and update customer database quickly and easily