Application Forms Processing

Application Forms Processing

Application forms are frequently used by businesses to capture information effectively. Generally, these are pre-printed forms that have been designed for data to be captured, with customers only needing to fill in required fields regarding their personal information. These forms are used over handwritten ones as they provide a systematic way of comparing applications and are faster to process. HR, Operations, Marketing and Customer Service Departments all tend to heavily rely on forms for key business data, which can fluctuate in volume due to seasonal peaks or activity.

For those on the receiving end, processing application forms can be difficult to manage, be very time consuming and ultimately rather costly. Labour intensive tasks such as mail sorting and manual data entry can be a challenge, especially when forms are unstructured and contain a variety of information in multiple formats. By outsourcing to Cleardata, their specialist automatic data entry and form processing software will help to reduce these disadvantages and increase staff efficiency in your workplace.

Cleardata provides application forms processing services which are designed to help companies manage their forms processing during peak times and troughs. Application forms can be processed quickly and accurately using a range of techniques, dependant on the layout of the forms. Intelligent data capture software can extract key information from forms, significantly reducing human error and increasing data accuracy.

How can we help?

Your company’s application forms will be diverted to our mailroom, where our team will open and sort through all documents on arrival. All forms will be scanned using Cleardata’s high production scanners, where data is then automatically extracted from the forms using intelligent data capture software, called Kofax. The extracted data is then verified against your organisation’s existing systems to ensure high levels of accuracy has occurred.

Handwritten application forms are also able to be processed using data capture software. Although depending on the format used, it may be recommend that double blind data entry would be beneficial. This way the perceived data to be entered can be triple checked for accuracy. Cleardata can provide data entry for any data or document with an accuracy performance rate of 99.95%.

Once recorded, the data gathered from your application forms is then sent back to you in any required format. The most typical formats used are CSV, HTML or Excel. The paper copies of your forms are then uploaded to Cleardata’s cloud document management system, as well as being indexed to allow you to quickly search for specific information, and is automatically routed to your applications processing team.

If you feel that your current application forms aren’t properly produced in order to effectively record your customer’s information or for it to be captured later on, Cleardata are able to design your company’s application forms. They would be created with automatic data capture techniques and specialised to the requirements for your customers, e.g. appropriate design, correct fields etc. This would significantly speed up the time processing your customer’s forms and increase accuracy levels by eliminating human error.

Application Forms Processing Examples:-

  • University Forms
  • Job Applications
  • Mortgage Applications
  • School Application Forms
  • Bank Account Forms

For further information about Cleardata’s application forms processing services, call our team on 0800 046 8083. Or try out our on-line quote tool to calculate your form processing costs.