Charities & Not for Profit

Cleardata provides data capture and data processing services to many UK charities. Our solutions are designed to improve data accuracy, reduce manual data entry and more importantly for charitable organisations, save money. We understand that for most charities money for resources is scarce, our team of experts can analyse your existing processes and provide recommendations to suit your needs.

Our team are experienced in capturing and processing information from many types of charitable documents such as:-

  • Sponsorship forms
  • Registration forms
  • Gift aid forms
  • Donation forms
  • Grant records

Here’s a few options to consider:-

Mailroom Services

Cleardata is on Crown Commercial Services RM1063 postal goods and services framework, which provides cost saving solutions to the public sector, enabling a quick and efficient procurement process. Our mailroom service allows you to divert your documents to our secure facilities, for opening, sorting and data capture. We can also provide a returns handling solution, our team will scan your returned envelopes and create a data file containing information such as; name, address, postcode and reason for return.

Automated Data Capture

Our scanning bureau has invested in the latest data capture technology. Our teams can use intelligent software to automatically extract data from your forms e.g. sponsorship, registration and gift aid forms. A higher level of automation is achieved if the form has been designed with data capture in mind, similar to passport application forms.

Form Design

Our IT team can design your forms for more accurate and efficient data capture. They work with a range of data capture techniques on a daily basis and have extensive knowledge of form design for handwritten, digital and web based capture. For further information about form design contact our team on 0800 046 8081 or click here.

Online Data Capture

Cleardata can also provide online data capture services. We can help create online forms to capture information fast and efficiently. Once you are happy with the online forms, these can be branded as your business. Our IT guys are experts in creating databases, they can set up a database for you and your team to analyse and report on incoming information easily.

For further information about Cleardata's Charity Data Capture & Data Processing Services, call 0800 046 8083 or contact our team for more information Contact Us