Coupon Data Entry & Capture

Cleardata provides coupon data entry services throughout the UK. The company is experienced in capturing data from coupons, competition forms, mail returns, subscriptions, surveys and research questionnaires. Cleardata have invested in a wide range of solutions that enables information to be processed quickly and accurately.

Instead of using a number of businesses to complete your coupon processes, why not outsource your company’s coupons to Cleardata for sorting and processing, as well as entering and extracting the data. The company will also insert the data into your preferred database. Cleardata will sort out the coupons by different manufacturers and separate the ones that have readable UPC codes, which are able to be scanned, and the damaged ones that may be torn and will need to be manually entered in order to capture the data.

The business prides itself in providing a 200% quality checking service, as all documents are checked twice at two separate stations to ensure all data is accurate and the images are clear. The company is accredited to ISO27001 for Information Security and ISO9001 Quality Management. Cleardata’s premises are also protected by VESDA (enhanced fire detection), Biometric Finger Print entry systems, 24/7 CCTV, secure fencing, Redcare Security and a controlled temperate device.

Coupon Processing Services

Coupon Scanning & Automatic Data Capture – Coupon Processing, using document scanning and automatic data capture software, can dramatically speed up processing times. Coupons are converted into a digital format with the key information extracted, before it’s presented in a format which suits your business needs. The solution provides high levels of accuracy in comparison to manual data entry.

Data Entry – Cleardata have invested in the latest systems and technologies that enable information to be captured to the highest standard. Our system enables two operators to input data which flags up any errors between both sets of data. If any data is entered incorrectly, the system will prevent staff from continuing as both sets of information must match up before they can move forward.

Online Data Entry – Online Data Entry can be provided for coupon processing, which allows the information from your coupons to be entered directly into existing business systems. This would include entering data onto online web based systems, online data capture, indexing for web based document retrieval, the creation of new databases, online data entry for mailing lists, coupon indexing, the conversion for online content etc.

Cleardata’s Other Services Include:-

  • Mailroom Processing – divert coupons directly to our mailroom team for sorting and processing.
  • Mail Returns Handling – let us handle your mail returns, our staff will scan your mail returns, allowing you to update and cleanse your database.
  • Data Analysis – Cleardata’s IT team are experienced in creating reports, spreadsheets and graphs, enabling you to analyse your data more effectively.
For further details on our Coupon Data Entry & Capture Services call today on 0800 046 8083 or complete the quick quote form below.

For further details about Cleardata's Coupon Data Entry Services, call 0800 046 8083 today or contact our team for more information Contact Us

Cleardata have a team of experienced project managers, data entry operators and IT specialists who will map out existing processes and design a solution to suit your business.

The benefits of outsourcing to Cleardata include:

  • Increase data accuracy levels
  • Save valuable staff time
  • Speed up processing times
  • Improve communication with your customers

For further information about Cleardata’s Coupon Data Entry & Capture Services please contact our specialised team on 0800 046 8083. Alternatively, you can view an instant estimated quote here.