Customer Survey Data Services

customer satisfaction survey data capture, forms processing, data entry

Do you need to capture and analyse customer satisfaction surveys?

Using intelligent software our team of data capture specialists can capture information from your customer satisfaction surveys, leaving you to focus on the analysis.

What data can be captured?

  • Text
  • Bar Codes
  • Tick Boxes or Radial Buttons
  • Handwritten Information
  • Using special software, the company can scan your customer satisfaction surveys and make the data searchable, indexed by required fields

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Cleardata is experienced in dealing with market research companies and can capture customer survey satisfaction data quickly. The company can:-

  • Set up a PO Box and receive surveys on your behalf
  • Set up a Web Form and receive survey information digitally
  • Scan surveys and output the data in a searchable format
  • Data can be output into an excel spreadsheet or any other format
Leaving you to focus on the analysis and research.

For further information about our Customer Satisfaction Survey Processing, Data Capture Services and range of business processes for outsourcing, call 0800 046 8083.