Employee Surveys Data Capture

Cleardata provides Employee Surveys Data Capture Services throughout the UK.

The company can provide a complete forms capture solution for employee surveys data capture, engagement, opinion and satisfaction survey forms processing your staff questionnaire and satisfaction surveys. From form design to print, web forms, data capture and mail fulfillment. Cleardata can help you to reduce your costs by going paperless and using intelligent data capture methods. We’ll sort out the whole process for you, leaving you to do the analysis.

Cleardata has one of the largest document scanning bureaus in the UK, providing intelligent data capture and data entry services. The company is experienced in liaising with Market Research Companies.

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Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey Processing

If you’ve already printed and received your survey questionnaires Cleardata can:-

  • Provide data entry services with double blind entry quality checks up to 99.95% accuracy
  • Validate your data using experienced data entry staff and quality checking software
  • Output data to any required format

If you’re just starting the survey process Cleardata can:-

  • Help you design your forms to provide a high capture rate using scanning technology.
  • Provide printed forms or a web hosted paperless solution, reducing costs and taking out the need to re-capture data.
  • Print a unique reference number on each form, using barcode technology. Matched up to your own staff records, forms can then be pre-populated with certain fields such as name, address, title etc. This helps reduce costs immediately by decreasing the data entry requirement.
  • Digitally print your employee survey forms for you
  • Send out the surveys to staff by post
  • Set up a PO Box to receive the forms
  • Scan the forms or provide data entry services
  • Output text in any required format leaving you to analyse the data
For further details call 0800 046 8083 today or contact our team for more information Contact Us