Facilities Management

Facilities managers can often get flooded with incoming data. Information for example health and safety inspections, building maintenance reports and general property management documentation often need retaining for long time periods.

Outsourcing your information to Cleardata can improve operational efficiency within your department, saving huge amounts of time, money and office space.

Mailroom Services

Our mailroom team can open, sort and scan your incoming information. We can set up a PO box that allows your documents to be diverted straight to us at our secure accredited scanning bureau.

Automated Data Capture

Documents can be scanned using intelligent data capture software to automatically extract key information from your health and safety reports and other document types. The software will start to recognise and learn your documents over time and will routinely capture information such as reference numbers, logos or supplier names. To find out more try our quick quote tool, our team can discuss your requirements and organise a test of your documents.

Data Indexing

Once documents have been digitised. We can index your files based on your requests, frequently used naming conventions include reference numbers, dates or supplier names.

Cloud Document Management

Once your documents have been scanned we can upload your data to our secure cloud document management system. Files can be accessed from any location using a web browser, allowing staff to access information out of the office. Integrated workflow allows information to be sent to members of staff for approval or query.

This solution is a real benefit for facilities managers who need to retain important documents for long periods of time and need to be able to retreive information quickly.

For further details about Cleardata's Facilities Management Data Entry Services call 0800 046 8083 today or contact our team Contact Us