Finance & Accounts Payable Data Entry Services

Cleardata offers financial data entry services to many UK businesses. We understand that finance and accounts payable departments deal with high volumes of incoming data on a daily basis. Our solutions are built to improve business processes, reduce manual data entry and improve the accuracy of the data coming into your business. Often with manual data entry, mistakes can be made resulting in incorrect payments of invoices, expenses and claims.

How can we help?

Mailroom Services

A challenging task for both finance and accounts payable departments is sorting through high volumes of post. We can set up a PO box for your mail to be diverted to our secure, accredited facility. Our mailroom services team can open, sort and scan invoices, expenses and claims forms using high production Kodak scanners.

We can also manage data coming into your business electronically, by setting up an email inbox to receive, sort, extract and index information before using workflow to return it back to the correct department.

Invoice Capture Services

Cleardata’s invoice capture services can provide accounts payable and finance departments with an effective solution that saves serious amounts of time and money in comparison to manual invoice processing.

  • Using intelligent software we can automatically extract key data from your paper, electronic, email or faxed invoices.
  • Key data can then be imported back into your financial systems and validated against existing data e.g. supplier name , amount and purchase order number.
  • Invoice verification can also detect problems with your invoices e.g. missing data, tears and marks on the page. When this happens the system will automatically send a notification to the operator who can ensure information is complete before it is released.
  • Workflow software can then divert your invoices to the correct department for approval, query or reject.

Cloud Document Management

Once your data has been captured our IT team can upload it to a secure cloud document management system. Where information will be indexed and accessible from any location using a web browser. The document management system also allows you to scan directly into it and can be your hub for all your financial information.

Why Choose Cleardata?

Cleardata have invested in the latest technology to streamline processes in finance and accounts payable departments. We are continuously taking steps to improve our own processes and are proud to be accredited for ISO27001 Information Security, BS1008:2014 Legal Admissibility and PCI Compliant.

Cleardata are also on the Crown Commercial Services Postal Goods and Services Framework RM1063. This framework offers cost saving solutions to the public sector, enabling the procurement process to be approved efficiently.

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