Loyalty Card Processing and Data Capture

Cleardata provides loyalty card processing and data capture services to companies throughout the UK. The company operates a high volume scanning bureau and utilises intelligent data capture software to automatically extract customer information from your loyalty cards.

We understand that companies often gather large volumes of loyalty cards, resulting in backlogs of customer information. This in turn can delay additional marketing efforts and ultimately result in poor customer communication.

Our solutions have been specifically designed to increase accuracy levels, reduce human error and speed up processing times.

Loyalty Card Processing Services

Automatic Data Capture – loyalty card data capture using Cleardata’s intelligent software, enables key information to be automatically extracted from your forms. The clever software will identify key data such as name, telephone numbers and postcodes. A higher level of accuracy is achieved if your loyalty cards have been purposely designed for automatic data capture (read more about our form design services here). Extracted data can be presented in any required format, for example CSV or Excel.

Data Entry Services – Loyalty card processing using Cleardata’s manual data entry services, also provides high levels of accuracy. Our experienced and trained operators will enter information from your loyalty cards using a system that enables two members of staff to input the data. If any discrepancies are found between both sets of information, the system will flag up an error message and prevent the operators from continuing.

Online Data Entry – Cleardata can enter loyalty card information straight into your existing systems. Read our online case study.

Other Data Entry and Data Capture Services Include:-

Bespoke Reporting & Spreadsheet Design – Cleardata’s IT team are experienced in creating bespoke reports. Data is presented in a simple format, allowing you to report on your loyalty programmes more efficiently.

Mailroom Processing – companies who have limited space or who are looking to create a paperless environment, could reap the benefits of Cleardata’s mailroom processing services. Divert your loyalty cards to our team for opening, sorting, scanning and capture.

Data Indexing & Bookmarking – once your information has been captured, our operators can digitally index and bookmark data, enabling you to quickly retrieve your information.

Why Choose Cleardata?

Cleardata have team of experienced data entry experts, IT specialists and project managers, who work together to develop tailored solutions for businesses throughout the UK. The company is accredited for ISO27001 Information Security and ISO9001 Quality Management. Our secure scanning facility is protected by enhanced security systems and all our staff are disclosure checked.

For further information about our Loyalty Card Processing Services, contact our team on 0800 046 8083.

Cleardata’s Loyalty Card Processing Services

  • Speed up processing times
  • Increase data accuracy
  • Reduce costs
  • Free up staff time
  • Improve customer communication